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Magpie Goose is a fashion brand by designer Hila Herman.

The brand focuses on carefully constructed pieces and a minimalist aesthetic. The designer utilizes a limited color palette, ranging from stone-cold to warm and earthy, as a conscious choice that turns the spotlight on shape. She draws inspiration from consideration of body language, posture and self perception, and the need to set ourselves free from the external, and mostly male, gaze. Her garments allow the expression of a full range of "amounts of femininity", where the wearer can find their personal, and perhaps ever-changing, stance.

Photo: Merav Ben Loulou
The magpie goose is a waterbird species that is the sole living representative of it’s taxonomic family. With an eagle-like beak, only partially webbed feet and a long thin neck, it has the appearance of a hybrid between a goose, a swan, and an eagle. Like the bird, the thought process behind the eponymous brand deals with hybrids - ideas, situations and states of being that lie in between categories. Structure and flow, standing-out and blending-in, the emotional and the rational, femininity and masculinity (and the constant journey of defining the two).

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