Our Story

Magpie Goose is a brand for women’s clothing, by designer Hila Herman.

Our pieces are carefully constructed with a minimalist aesthetic, utilizing a limited color palette as a conscious choice that turns the spotlight on shape.

The magpie goose is a waterbird species that is the sole living representative of it’s taxonomic family. With an eagle-like beak, only partially webbed feet and a long thin neck, it has the appearance of a hybrid between a goose, an eagle, and a swan. 

Photo: Asaf Einy
Like the bird, the thought process behind the eponymous brand deals with hybrids - ideas, situations and states of being that lie in between categories. Structure and flow, standing-out and blending-in, the emotional and the rational, femininity and masculinity (and the constant journey of defining the two). 

Our clothes allow the expression of a full range of "amounts of femininity", where you can find your personal, perhaps ever- changing, stance.

For inquiries please e-mail: studio@magpie-goose.com
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Visit our store at:
3 Retzif Haaliya Hashniya
Jaffa Port
Jaffa Tel-Aviv